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Why Professional Photos Matter When Listing Your Home

Why Professional Photos Matter When Listing Your Home

One thing we do for our listings no matter what: Professional Photos!

Why? Your future buyer will see your home online before deciding to see it in person. For 41% of buyers, their first step in shopping for a home was viewing properties currently listed for sale online*. That’s why we help you make the best first impression by using professional photos to get your potential buyer’s attention and emphasize your home’s best features. 

A great photographer has the eye, experience, and professional equipment to capture your home’s best assets. When property positioned, a potential buyer can see the “story” of your home unfolding as they view the photos online. Take a look at some of the following images to see why professional real estate photos can make a huge impact on the marketing of your home when it’s listed for sale.

Exterior “First Look”

Great exterior photos are a marriage of lighting, clarity, and angles. A professional photographer will capture the exterior of your home from all sides, allowing your potential buyer to better understand how the home is positioned on the lot or in reference to the landscape around it. In addition, aerial photos with the use of a drone can add a lot of impact.

In the following image, a drone was used to showcase the stunning landscape surrounding this home and neighborhood. You can see from the photo that the neighborhood is near a river and quaint country surroundings.

In the above image, a drone was used to offer a “bird’s eye view” of the neighborhood.

Interior Images: Tell the Story of Your Home

A potential buyer will look at the home’s photos online to get a sense of the overall flow of the floor plan and what the home offers. This is the opportunity for the “heart” of your home to shine!

In the following photo, the warmth and open-concept design of this home’s kitchen/dining area is showcased. New furniture in great (like-new) condition, non-personal decor items (art, greenery, etc), all come together to make this image stand out.

This homeowner owned many on-trend decor items and furniture, which enabled us to “stage” the home purely from what was already available. After decluttering, the effect is a clean, up-to-date home that photographed exceptionally well.

This townhome below represents another situation where we were able to work with the owner to best utilize items already available. A great professional photo beautifully captured the flow of the main living area without overexposure in lighting. A viewer can get a good idea of what the natural lighting situation is from the photo without setting foot in the home.

Non-Photo Assets

A floor plan, like the above, serves as a way for a buyer to combine the photos in their mind with the general flow of the house. In addition, a buyer can see the actual sizes of the spaces. This can be helpful for buyers who are looking for something specific to meet their needs.

Final Thoughts

Just because the market is hot and homes sell quickly doesn’t mean we skimp on offering high-impact marketing for our clients who list their properties with us. We believe that great marketing will place your home at the top of the priority list for buyers. At the end of the day, we want the photos of your home to be the “movie trailer” that entices the potential buyer to see your home in person! We don’t know what the market will bring in the future, but we do know that if any kind of correction is coming you’ll need to partner with an agent that knows how to effectively market your home to achieve the best possible results for your individual situation.

*National Association of Realtors, 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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