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What to Look For When Choosing a Realtor Partner for Your Home Purchase or Sale

What to Look For When Choosing a Realtor Partner for Your Home Purchase or Sale

There are over 8,800 Realtors in the Portland Metro area. How does one possibly decide who to work with? The odds are high that you know someone who is an agent or have a friend of a friend who is one (maybe even a family member!). However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should work with them. When making the decision to buy or sell a home, it’s critical to make sure you are working with the right person. You want an agent who is looking out for your best interests, is willing to answer your questions, and will offer helpful advice throughout the entire real estate process. When you’re looking to partner with a real estate agent in the greater Portland Metro area, here are a few important things you should look for.


This is very important! An agent you work with should be accessible and get back to you in a timely fashion. This is within reason, of course. You agent should start by establishing an expectation with you of how you like to communicate and best ways to reach you. Having open lines of communication and an ongoing dialog with them can prevent frustration throughout the process. You need to be able to tell your agent what your wants and needs are. Real estate is a personal experience, you want someone who will actually listen and is able to be upfront with you, even if they are telling you something you may not want to hear. Often you can tell at first impression if this person is someone you can communicate with, but if you are unsure ask previous clients or reviews. Word of mouth is helpful in Portland’s real estate market, so talking to someone who has worked with the agent firsthand should be able to give you valuable information. 

Knowledge of The Market

Knowing what is happening in the real estate market is essential, especially in a real estate market like Portland where things are moving fast. An experienced agent has seen the market change over the years and can offer insight. They know how to properly price a home based on the current market and can advise you when it comes to putting an offer in on a home. Along with knowledge of the market, it’s also important you work with an agent that is well connected with other agents. With the limited supply of housing inventory available in the greater Portland area, you want an agent who knows about a home before it hits the market. A well-connected agent networks with other local agents so they know about listings before they go live. This can give you an advantage in a tight market.   


You must be able to trust your agent and know they are making decisions that are in your best interest while guiding you in a way that is not driven by self-interest. Realtors are guided by a fiduciary duty and commitment to act in an ethical manner. It can be hard to know right when you meet someone what that trust level will be. Ask questions at your initial meeting and go with your intuition on this – most often that “gut feeling” is right!

Problem Solver

Gone are the days of putting in an offer and moving in a month later. The real estate market in the greater Portland area is crazy right now! In the event problems arise during your transaction, you want to have an agent who is willing to work through these obstacles with you. You always need a dedicated agent who will go to bat for your best interests! Your agent should be the expert in real estate and help make the process as smooth as possible. Often this takes someone who knows how to problem solve and not just give up on a deal when things get tough. 


Real estate agents are independent contractors. They will work under a broker in an office but they are working for themselves. They don’t have a boss telling them how to do their job so they have to be self-motivated enough to get things done. Of course, a good real estate office will have a broker to guide them through the process and help troubleshoot problems, but the agent is essentially on their own and you want to know they can handle this. At the High Peaks Real Estate Group, we take a collaborative approach to business which means when you work with a High Peaks Real Estate Group agent, you get our collective experience!

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