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Should You Buy a Home in Fall or Winter?

Are Fall and Winter Good Seasons to Buy a Home?

Inquiring minds have asked: Are fall and winter good times to shop for a home?

Our answer? YES! 

Winter weather, especially in the Pacific Northwest, can be a perfect time to see how the home withstands the rigors of our climate. While we may not get hard, cold winters with abundant snow and ice, our weather can test the limits of a structure (roofing, siding, window seals, etc). Does the roof leak? On cooler days, do windows feel drafty? This is a great time of year to test the soundness of the property, and a home inspector can use this time to find and point out anything you need to know.

In fall and winter, there may be less competition. The most popular times of year many people look for a new home are spring and summer. There’s a chance you can beat out some of the competition by looking in off-seasons. 

In addition, you may encounter sellers who must sell by the end of the year and may be more motivated. The holiday season is surprisingly a busy time for real estate, as many people want to make a move and get settled before the end of the year (especially if there are kids in the family that need to change schools). 

Finally, you may be able to enjoy some last minute tax savings. We recommend checking with your accountant or tax professional for advice on this one (as we’re not experts in that category). It’s worth your time looking into the possibility of saving a little money. 

If you’re open to starting your home search in the fall and winter, give us a shout! We’d love to be your partner in finding that perfect place. 

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